当最小化puttycm时,不能通过ALT+TAB再次激活窗口,如果重新开始新的程序,则会出现‘Application already started’? (When I minimize Puttycm window it disappears. I can’t reactivate the window using ALT-TAB too. If I try to start the application again it says ‘Application already started’.)

通过改变puttycm的设置来实现,去掉其中的‘Hide when minimized’选项。( Go to the menu bar, click on Tools and then Options. Select General from the options in the left side pane. Now in the right side you can see the check button ‘Hide when minimized’. In this case this would have been enabled. Unselecting this button will solve the problem.)

当最小化puttycm时,不能通过再次单击Puttycm窗口来再次激活窗口。(After I minimize Puttycm windows if I try to reactivate the window by clicking on the Puttycm icon in the taskbar, it does not activate the window sometimes.)

这个是puttycm的已知问题,算是一个bug了,只能尝试用Alt+TAB的解决方法了。(This is another known problem. You just need to use ALT-TAB to restore the window. Sometimes it does not open immediately even after pressing ALT-TAB once. Try doing it again and it will work.)

I created a database and created new connections. But I do not see the connections after reopening puttycm, what happened with the old database I created?

Looks like you did not save the database. After creating a new database and new connections, you might think that all the changes are saved but they are not. You have do explicitly save the database changes by clicking on File from the menu bar and then selecting Save Database.

How to encrypt the database file? Storing passwords in plain text could be a security issue?

There is no in-built feature to encrypt database looks like. There is a check button ‘Enable database encryption’ in Database-> Properties but it’s greyed out. May be the feature is not yet implemented.

But you can encrypt the database file using Windows EFS feature if you have a OS edition that supports the feature(XP home does not support EFS). Just right click on the file and Properties -> Advanced. Select the check button ‘Enable encryption to secure data’.

Where are Puttycm’s registry keys stored ?

You can find Putty connection manager’s registry keys under the node HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACS\PuTTY Connection Manager

How to disable Ctrl-R binding? Ctrl-R is a shortcut for searching command history in linux. But doing Ctrl-R in Puttycm opens up tab rename window. How to fix this?

Open Tools -> Options -> Hotkeys. Change the shortcut for rename tab to something else. You would be able to search command history now.

Known issues with Puttycm.
Exporting Putty sessions fails with the error ‘Error during export Putty sessions’.
Disabling ‘Show tray icon’ has issue. After restarting Puttycm it shows ‘unexpected error occurred’ message when you try to create a new connection. Puttycm does not work and you will have to enable ‘show tray icon’ to use Puttycm.
I have not found a way of changing the background color to something other than black. If any of you know solution to this please let me know.




ssh登陆远程服务器后,gcc编译出现乱码,上网搜了一下原来是ssh终端程序的设置问题,于是在PuTTY下的 Windows->Translation选项下,设置Remote Character Set选项为UFT-8,然后输入ip地址,save一下,打开时在编译就不会出现这个问题了。
打开putty主程序,选择window-〉Appearance-〉Font settings-〉Change……,选择Fixedsys字体,字符集选择CHINESE_GB2312.在window-〉Appearance -〉Translation中,Received data assumed to be in which character set 中,把Use font encoding改为UTF-8.一般这样就行了。
# export LC_ALL= ‘zh_CN.utf8′

# vi ~/.bash_profile








本文主要介绍ssh客户端putty和多标签多选项卡的putty管理器putty CM(puttycm)、MTPutty的使用方法和常用配置选项说明。


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