Creating Distributed Replicated Volumes

Creating Distributed Replicated Volumes

Distributes files across replicated bricks in the volume. You can use distributed replicated volumes in environments where the requirement is to scale storage and high-reliability is critical. Distributed replicated volumes also offer improved read performance in most environments.

Note: The number of bricks should be a multiple of the replica count for a distributed replicated volume. Also, the order in which bricks are specified has a great effect on data protection. Each replica_count consecutive bricks in the list you give will form a replica set, with all replica sets combined into a volume-wide distribute set. To make sure that replica-set members are not placed on the same node, list the first brick on every server, then the second brick on every server in the same order, and so on.

砖的数量应该是分布式复制卷的副本计数的倍数。 此外,指定砖块的顺序对数据保护有很大影响。 您提供的列表中的每个replica_count连续砖将形成一个副本集,所有副本集合并为一个卷范围的分发集。 要确保副本集成员未放置在同一节点上,请列出每个服务器上的第一个块,然后列出每个服务器上相同顺序的第二个块,依此类推。


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